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141 – You Bated Me Good

Jack NicholsonTommy and Allison planned to record on Friday and Alex said he couldn’t make it. But then he shows up to the show uninvited.

Allison buys a controversial hat at Walmart and goes on a spending spree.

Tommy Tricks Alex in to lusting over an underage girl.

A terrible accident happens while Alex is in yoga.

Alex has a weird new fetish and a new name.

PLUS, Allison debuts an INCREDIBLE Jack Nicholson impression.

This episode is so offensive that Allison claims she will not retweet or ever talk about this episode again.

Happy Easter.

106 – Sex Is Boring

gymAlex’s Embarrassing Gym Experience
After what’s become the new show opening of Alex screwing up hitting a simple button, Tommy gives a shout out to the White Wine True Crime podcast and Samantics, with Sam from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan, ALL of which you should check out. Alex then recaps a trip to the gym that involves gastric upset, destroying a yoga class and receives a call from Uncle Vinny.

Ryan at MagFest
Ryan’s wife got them tickets to MagFest, a local video game/comic/smelly nerd convention that takes place in the DC area. She has no interest in video games or comics. After deciding to dress up, and fully experience all that a convention has to offer, Ryan is worried that his normal wife will never want to have sex with him after seeing his nerdy side.

Sex Sucks
And not in the good way. Tommy and Alex are both bored with sex and disclose they could probably go on living with never having it again. Incredulous Ryan tries to understand how ANY male could be bored with sex, but after delving into the convoluted minds of Tommy and Alex… it might make a little more sense on why it’s better to just turn on FXX instead of having sex.

71 – Alex Walks Off the Show

Officers Ner and HardenDaylight Savings aka The New World Order
Tommy and Alex start off by having a little fun with Ryan and his obsession with Daylight savings time ending.  Ryan sent a  text to everyone on the show to remind them to change their clocks and Alex takes this opportunity to sarcastically point out how he ignores all of the technology in his house that auto updates the time, and only relies on the stove to wake him up in the morning.

Workout Tips & Tommy Hits On A Girl from Yoga
For whatever reason the NDY crew decides to give some ACTUAL helpful advice to the listeners with tips on how to work out at the gym properly, avoiding instructional DVDs  and all of the horrible ingredients that  are inside supplements.  While going into his yoga routine, Tommy brings up a beautiful Latin woman that is in his class. He ends up talking to her for about 15 minutes. Things start very well, but then he does something stupid and embarrassing…

Alex’s Speeding Trial
Alex FINALLY has his court date and trial to fight the speeding ticket he got a few months ago.  In fact, the night before the trial he breaks another law and gets pulled over AGAIN, shaking his confidence.  As Alex is legitimately upset with all of his legal troubles of late, he becomes a bit sensitive as Tommy and Ryan push him over the edge with his jokes, causing him to go on an insane shouting rant and walks off the show.